Download Viva TV On Roku TV Device Free Guide

What’s the need of installing Viva TV on Roku? Precisely, the configuration plays a crucial role in choosing Roku tv. Roku is widely available, and also it gives you the freedom to download & install any app without any disruption. All the family together can watch their favorite tv show or movie at high 1080p quality. Screen size increases when compared with other platforms like IOS, PC, and Android devices. Viva TV App installation guides for all these devices are available in the blog. Please go through them in-case of any query. 

What is Viva TV? 

It’s a collection of Hollywood & global movies, and its main motive is to deliver English movies to its world audience. If you’re someone who loves western culture or belongs to it can now get entertained here. Animated, crime, adventure, and action genres have got tremendous response from its users. Watchlist is another extraordinary feature to watch movies curated according to your interest.  

viva tv on roku

Download & Install Viva TV on Roku TV 

It’s impossible to follow the regular pattern to download or install the apk file. However, there’s a different approach to this problem which is screencasting. It enables you to project the image of the android device home screen on your tv screen. Let us get into more details below. 

Keynote: You cannot install Viva TV on Roku, but still you can watch the movies of Viva TV by screencasting the android device. 

Screencasting requirements:  

  1. Good internet connection (Wi-fi)
  2. Screencasting app (Local cast)
  3. Smart TV device or Roku TV (Compatible with Roku box)
  4. Roku TV setup.
  5. Android version of the Viva TV app.

Screencast Viva TV on Roku TV? 

Well, it’s not that difficult but needs some extra additional steps than the normal installation process. Could you take a look at them below? 

1. It is mandatory to download and install the Viva TV App on android mobile to screencast on Roku. 

Viva TV Apk

2. If you’re not aware of the android app installation method, read Viva TV for Android tutorial here.   

3. Make sure both of your Roku TV and android phone devices are connected to the same wi-fi network. And also, the Miracast option is activated on the Roku. 

4. Open the app store on your android phone and type “Local cast” in the search bar. Now install it on your mobile. 

5. Run the Local cast app and tap on the yellow cast icon available on the bottom right corner. It will further show you a list of devices available for screencasting. Choose Roku among them because it’s your priority. 

6. Now select the movie you want to watch; it will ask you to choose from the list of available resources. Long press on any of these resource files which will feature you a list. Select Play with option and then select Local cast to screencast Viva TV.         

7. Finally, turn on Roku TV and pair it with the Local cast application and start watching movies on your tv screen. You don’t need to do this step every time you switch on the TV. It will automatically begin to pairing.  

Final Words: 

This might sound confusing if you’re new to this kind of technology. In that case, please do send us your query using the contact us form. Also, kindly utilize this info for educational gain rightfully. We do not encourage any viewer to misuse the guides and tutorials. It is each individual user’s responsibility to take credit of their actions. do not claim any rights of the viva tv application. It’s the property of its owner. Thanks for passing by!  

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