Download VivaTV on Android TV Box & Smart TV Box Free

Everyone owns SmarTTV nowadays. Spending time with family and friends on weekends watching movies has become a trend. Hence, we are here to introduce you to the mogul of cinema known as Viva TV. Viva TV for Android TV Box is the best online entertainment platform to present you with thousands of movies and tv series without the need for a subscription. All you need is a good internet connection to have this fun. 

Viva TV on Android TV Box

Security check: 

After checking and testing the application, we were not able to find any malware. The Viva TV App functions very well following the regular android application standards. It requests its users to use a VPN tool for security purposes. However, we ask the users to take their personal choice on whether to practice the application or not. We encourage none, and also, we do not claim any rights. 

Compatibility check: 

Is it possible to download or install Viva TV on Android TV Box? Well, absolutely yes, but on the other side, not directly. You’ll need to follow a simple process here to do the installation, which we have described in the guide. It is also compatible with many other devices.  

Prerequisites to download Viva TV on Android Tv box  

1.ES file Explorer or equivalent to it installed on your TV. 

2.USB drive.  

3.Viva TV Apk file itself (Store it in the USB drive) 

Best Android TV configuration to install Viva TV

The below-mentioned features are good enough to watch high-quality visuals with the help of an Android TV Box.

Screen size – 55 inch or more

Display Type – LED

Smart Tv – 4K UTRA HD or similar

Screen Resolution – 3840×2160 or reasonable

4K HDR Support – Yes required (Not mandatory)

Power Consumption – 235W

HDMI Ports – Yes required

WIFI – Must be needed

Download Viva TV on Android TV Box 

It all takes is a few moments to finish the Viva TV download. Take a look at the guide below.  

1. User will need File Manager to download apk file to the local storage for further download process where you have to allocate space for the file in a specific folder.   

2. ES file explorer is the trending and most used application for storing files, but it’s your choice anyway. You can download the app file from the app store following the regular pattern. 

3. Please enable Install from Unknown Sources in Settings: App Drawer > Settings > Security and Restrictions 

4. Now go to Download Viva TV guide here to get the apk file. Once you download the file, store it to a USB drive. 

Viva TV App

Install Viva TV on Android TV box? 

Follow the procedure below for a clear understanding of the installation. 

1. Now plug-in USB drive to the smart TV port and move the apk file to your desired folder in file explorer. 

2. Enter the usual installation process by enacting the default installation settings by clicking on the apk setup file. 

3. Finally, you have finished the installation process. Now please have fun watching your favourite cinema. 


Make sure you have gained knowledge from this blog article. If you are left with any queries, please do send us a request on the contact us form. And please understand that this is a purely educational blog with tutorials. Use the information provided rightfully. Thanks for dropping by!

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