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Viva TV for IOS users is the one and only platform to give high-quality movies and TV shows with the cleanest user interface ever. It’s straightforward to access the movie you want to watch by navigating to the search bar and typing the cinema name. All of IOS devices have clearly tested high, practicing Viva TV app. And subtitle support makes it stand out by providing service to all language audiences of different nations. This app can help you have fun on your mobile at any time with a decent internet connection. 

viva tv for ios

 However, the app has to be entirely handled by the individual user on his/her own choice. We are just acting as a knowledge medium here by-passing information just like any other android application platform. Neither we belong to the Viva TV team, nor we claim its copyrights. It’s the property of its owner. 

Why Viva TV?  

There are many reasons, but let’s discuss the top ones.

  • A treasure for Hollywood movies.
  • Subtitles can help you watch any video in any language.
  • Easily compatible with IOS devices and doesn’t need to jailbreak or sideload the app.
  • Updated regularly to deliver fresh content daily for its thousands of viewers.
  • Has the option to choose among the best video quality depending on the size of the resource.

VIVA TV for ios

Download Viva TV for IOS devices [iPhone/iPad] 

However, one cannot directly download or install the application at first hand from any app store or something similar. So, please do execute the steps guided below on the downloading and installation of the app. Make sure you don’t miss any key steps while testing the application. 

Keynote: All the unobtainable apps can now be installed with the help of the TUTU app, enabling you to use these apps. TUTU app is an unofficial app store for iOS devices. TUTU app offers tons of customized apps and games, along with some of the best movies and music apps and more. Interestingly it doesn’t need any jailbreak or sideloading methods to avail the application.

Install the Latest Viva TV Apk For iOS? 

As told earlier, we are going first to take you through the TUTU app installation and then the Viva TV app. 

Phase 1: TUTU App installation process 

TuTu App is available both on Android and iOS. Kindly follow the steps below to install the app on your devices. 

  • Launch any internet browser on your iPhone.  
  • Make sure you create a developer profile for the tutu app by navigating through this path: Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device management -> Enable Trust Authentication. 
  • Find the latest updated tutu app on any rightful platform for free.  


  • Download and install it following the actual pattern.  

Phase 2: Viva TV Apk Installation process 

It’s easy peasy to install the application from the tutu app store if you follow the below procedure accordingly. 

  • Open the TUTU App and get any free VPN for the best privacy before you start the process execution. 
  • Head to the search bar of the app and type Viva TV. You’ll see the Viva TV app’s icon as your first search result.  

Viva TV Apk

  • Please tap on it and wait for the system to process automated installation. 
  • And do not forget to enable the trust authentication notification to gain permissions. 
  • In the end, you shall be able to access the application without any errors.  


Hope the tutorial has helped you gain knowledge on testing the viva tv application. More information shall be curated soon and delivered to you guys. Kindly reach out to contact us form for any queries. See you guys soon with the most recent updated version of viva tv.  

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