Viva TV Apk is one of the simplest android applications that provides access to thousands of premium television shows and movies for free at no cost. We found it to be both user-friendly and enjoyable when browsing its database, listing popular films across genres – safe for you to use when choosing what movies to view at no charge from home! VivaTV lists over 400 movies from every genre available free now with great quality. So stay home, have fun watching your favorites for no additional costs now – but please note: it is ultimately up to you as we know little of where their resources come from – make up your own mind!

Viva TV is an iconic entertainment app that gives users around the globe an unforgettable experience. Just get out your phone, download Viva TV onto Android device, and dive into an endless source of joy – movies and TV shows galore are available free-of-cost to access at this ultimate entertainment app. Viva TV uses sophisticated algorithms that tailor recommendations based on viewing habits and interests to provide personalized recommendations based on viewing history and interests.


Download Viva TV APK

Viva TV Apk Top Features v1.6.7

Bulk of Premium Movies: With regard to movie listings, this site features only top rated and award-winning flicks – from Oscar nominee videos, recent releases or trendy flicks; there is something here for all tastes of entertainment!

Trending Original Shows: Watch well-known, globally popular shows right here at home. As soon as new episodes air, stay informed by following them day to day to catch all the action!


WWE & UFC Events Live: Who wouldn’t enjoy these iconic shows with their world-famous hero characters? Watch your fighter in their match here – win or lose, it is important that we support these heroic individuals with positivity!

Discover More Content: Here, you will find all of the above sections and their respective movies, shows or fight matches. Delve deeper to uncover entertaining video content!

Make Your Watchlist: Create your personal watchlist of movies or shows of interest that can be queued up so they are easily available when watching Viva TV Apk at any point in time.

Save Time in Searching: Simply set a reminder in advance so it is fast and simple for when your desired movies or shows come on to view Viva TV Apk at any given moment!


Downloads: When you go offline in Viva TV App or when you run out of internet data, that time download option very helpful. You’ll need files downloaded to your storage. Use this app wisely cause you can save loads of data.

User experiences: In this platform may differ significantly depending on factors like personal preferences, the entertainment device chosen, and content or features of particular importance to an individual user. At the same time, Viva TV capitalizes on its understanding viewer preferences.

Download Viva TV Apk Android v1.6.7 Latest Version

Note: Viva TV App cannot be found on any application store platform except the web here. Please do perform these simple actions below to download Viva TV App.

  • First things first, make sure you get the file by tapping to move the Viva TV Download page here.
  • Allocate space for it to store the Viva TV Apk file.
  • Most importantly download the latest version of Viva TV Apk [v1.6.7]

Download Viva TV APK

Complete Installation Guide of VivaTV Apk on Android Device

It can very easy if you can take these steps to Install Viva TV on Android mobile.


  • Enable the permissions to access and install the Apk file by performing the 2nd step.
  • Enable it by reaching to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources and click on allow.
  • Finally, tap on the VivaTV Apk file to follow the default instructions visible and finish the installation process.

How to Update Viva TV Apk Latest version 

Viva TV App may not have an automatic update option. To view the most recent content, you will need to install it manually. To get a brand new Viva TV App, follow the steps below.


  • To avoid conflict between older and new versions, uninstall any existing app from your device.
  • Then, go to the download page and download Viva TV Apk Mod version.
  • Finally, download the setup file and install it on your device. The blog has detailed tutorials that will help you understand the process.

New Spotlight of Viva TV Apk

Increased Content: To make the app even more enjoyable, connect it to or use real debrid connections. We regularly add newly released movies and shows from 2024 to increase engagement with our content and users.

Stylish Theme: The new interface is more attractive and elegant than its predecessor, as well as featuring larger font size to make options easy to locate.

Playback speed: It works quite fast. The app identifies servers capable of providing content at high speeds; for optimal use of this upgrade, a reliable WIFI network will be necessary.

Can I Install VivaTV App For PC | IOS | Firestick | TV Box | Roku TV?

There is no compromise in accessing the VivaTV application across all various platforms such as windows, Mac, and Fire TV devices. It is adaptable to each and every known operating system. Please do find the tutorials and guides below to avail of the application on mobile, computer, and TV.


Download Viva TV File on PC Windows/Mac devices 

There’s a thin line between installing the application on mobile phones and PC. On the computer, you need to provide an Android emulator for the device to access the app, which in detail is described here.

Viva TV for PC

How to Download VivaTV app on iOS Device?

IOS devices are no exception when it comes to providing the services of Viva TV Apk. It has its own way of installing or downloading the application apart from the routine process. Please do feel free to read VivaTV for IOS devices here to know the process or method involved in accessing the application.

Viva TV For iOS

Installation Guide of VivaTV Apk on Firestick/Fire TV 

Your TV has got the best option when it comes to watching movies on a big screen in the name of Viva TV. To utilize this option, you’ll need to go through few steps instructed here.

Viva TV For Firestick

How to setup Viva TV App for Android TV box & Smart TV Box

This is the much-needed tutorial for those who love watching movies on the big TV screen. It consists of installation guides, tips, tricks, and notes to follow. Go to Download Viva TV Apk for Android TV Box for more detailed instructions o below.

Viva TV For Android TV Box

Download & Install Viva TV for Roku Device

Roku is the best software as a solution for Movies, and TV shows watchers. Because it can install any kind of app for any use. Usually, it’s not the usual pattern you follow to install or download Viva TV on Roku.

Viva TV For Roku

Viva TV Apk 1.6.7 User Guide

Viva TV App has quickly become one of the premiere entertainment applications. Boasting over 10,000 movies with subtitles available in over 15 different languages, its user-friendly design offers exceptional features to cater to its target audience. Any way one needs to familiarize oneself with custom practices of the VivaTV Apk; so let’s jump right in with testing mode now.


Clear Guidelines: 

  • First, a list of available languages will appear on your screen.
  • When watching your video, ensure to select the correct one when it comes time for subtitles.
  • On the Viva TV App home screen you’ll find videos, TV dramas and HD releases!
  • Home is also the place where you’ll find WWE matches and the newest movies.
  • When selecting from the options provided, select one that best meets your needs from the list.
  • When opening any video or fight match you may see some online resources.
  • Once opened simply select quality when saving files to your hard disk.
  • Once there, they’ll give you instructions to either play the video in your local media player or select one they suggest – it’s that simple!

Viva TV App review – 9.6/10

Looking at its features and functionalities, Netflix can easily be considered as the go-to entertainment source for English movies. It was free from security issues, data crashes or interruptions; its home page featured carefully-selected movies across genres; while content limited but premium free; plus it was regularly updated with fresh offerings.

Performance: Heavy traffic to the app won’t hinder its overall execution; low buffers are rare, features are responsive to user activities quickly, and there were no errors during installation or download.

Visual Appearance: This interface is beautifully designed, featuring a pre-configured dark mode for optimal viewing experience. Navigation of this app is straightforward for novices, intermediates and experts alike – giving you better visuals when watching television! Give it a try now!


Best Tips for Viva TV Android Users

Install Best VPN: Downloading VPN software is the safest and most secure way to prevent interruptions (app running & video loading problems) when surfing the web, offering safety and security against any intrusions into your privacy or safety concerns.

Connect to a Good Network: WiFi offers more convenience for connecting with reliable networks that won’t cause buffering issues or server load-related concerns.

Clear Cache & Data: For optimal app performance, clearing cache and data periodically is of utmost importance to avoid frequent app crashes.


Final Word

Now it is your turn to discover and experience all there is on Viva TV App, all just one click away from discovering something amazing and entertaining! We have provided our best practices so you don’t waste any time.