Squid TV Apk Download For Android, iOS, PC, Firestick

Squid TV is one of the streaming apps that lets you watch all the latest & oldest content, including movies, Series, etc. It is available on the internet free of cost. The picture quality and audio quality is working fine in this app. It offers different features such as compatibility, best-filtered categories based on region, content type, etc. Since it is a Japanese app, the app displays English and Japanese languages. It’s just an assumption. You can select your required title using filters for searching. For example, when you want to watch a Korean series, you can start filtering by selecting a region like Korea and content type. You’ll get the list of Korean Series, and you can pick your desired Series. So simple right!!


You can watch all genres of Channels, Movies, Series, Shows, Sports, Live channels, Education, Ethnic, Recreation, Religion, Shopping, and many more. You might get a lot of ads while searching, but you won’t be disturbed by anything once the video, movie, or Series starts playing. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection.

This app is compatible with various devices such as Android, PC, iOS, Firestick, Roku TV, etc. Now, we’ll get to know how to install this app on our respective devices.

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Download Squid TV for Android

ince this is a third-party app, we don’t get it directly on the Play Store. So, follow the below-given procedure to install it on your android devices. 

  • Go to the browser and open Squid TV’s official website.  
  • Turn ON “Unknown source installation” in the Settings of your mobile. 
  • Click download from the official website.  

  • Click OK when an alert appears on the screen. 
  • After the download is completed, open it. 
  •  Start Install when it asks you to install. 

        That’s it; you have the Squid TV app on your android device.

Download Squid TV For iOS [iPad & iPhone]

As third-party apps are unavailable on the App Store, follow the step-by-step installation procedure given in this article. 

  • Install TutuApp/ AppValley on your mobile, just a duplicate version of the App Store. 
  • Open TutuApp after installation; you’ll get a pop-up of Profile downloaded. Tap Close on it. 
  • Go to the settings of your iOS and open the Profiles Downloaded option. 
  • You can find Tutuapp in it. Click Install and enter your password when required. 
  • You’ll get a warning. Click Install on it. 
  • Press Done. There you can find Tutuapp on the screen. 
  • Search for Squid TV in TutuApp and download & install it like you always do in the App Store. 

        That’s it; you have the Squid TV app on your iOS device.

Squid TV For PC [Windows/Mac]

  • Install an emulator such as NOX Player or Bluestack on your system. 
  • Search for Squid TV in the search engine. The emulator directs you to the Google Play Store. 
  • Click Install.   
  • When the installation is finished, set up the settings since it’s the first time using the app. 

         That’s it; you have a Squid TV app on your PC. 

Install Squid TV For Firestick 4K

To watch your favorite stuff on the big screen, follow the below steps to install it on FiresStick. 

  • Open FireStick Settings. 
  • Turn ON Unknown Source Installation. 
  • On the Home screen, search and install the Downloader app. 
  •  Type the url in the space provided for the url and search for it. 
  • Open HD Flix by clicking Settings, go to Applications, then go to Manage Installed Applications, then move to Squid TV and clear cache, and now you can launch your app.  

That’s it; you have the Squid TV app on your Firestick. 

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